In 2020, I decided to redo my headshot (nothing else to do, right?!)
Since I was creating from a home studio, my first step was to find an area and wall that were mostly uncluttered. Because this was difficult to do, I also used my camera and lighting system to my advantage by shooting the photo in high speed sync. For this particular shot, my shutter speed was at 1/2000sec. This allowed me to isolate myself from the background and turn the background black. I also knew going in that I was going to do a black and white headshot, so the black background was a plus. Black and white photography is what initially drew me towards the industry, so it seemed like a great option for me to tell my story.
This is a rather dull and dark image. Since I wanted to do a B&W image, I immediately changed the image to B&W using Adobe Lightroom. As you can see, the original B&W image is still dull and dark.
Adobe Lightroom has some amazing presets, so I used one of those, but still went in and did my own adjustments, such as tweaking the contrast, shadows, whites, and exposure. The results are almost perfect.
Finally, I removed a few blemishes using the healing tool, took the clarity down for the entire image, as well as more clarity in certain areas, such as the neck and around my eyes. The result is my new headshot.
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